Johnny Cash is an icon. The late country legend was a trailblazer for country music and one of the most influential musicians of all time in any genre. He left behind a catalog of highs, a few lows and some simply unforgettable moments on film and television. We've captured a few of the best during this Unforgettable Johnny Cash Moments video.

A few things you may not have known about the Man in Black: he once shared an apartment with Waylon Jennings, he once tried to sabotage his career with a song called "Chicken in Black" (or did he?) and he once shot actor Kirk Douglas. All three of these moments make our list of eight unforgettable moments from Cash's music and film career.

Also making the cut is his best music video, an iconic photograph, a mysterious appearance on a popular animated television show and his live shows from prisons. Cash was never afraid to take a risk, and for the most part, his progressive ways paid off. He entertained country fans for parts of six separate decades, so of course this list is only a sampling of all that made him special.

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