Kid Rock is a colorful character even compared to most rockers, and he's definitely one of the most outlandish performers in country music. Picking this list of 6 Unforgettable Kid Rock Moments was a difficult task, because pretty much every time you see him ends up in a memorable moment.

Robert Ritchie began his career as a deejay in the Detroit underground scene and launched a career as a hardcore rapper. Back in his early days, Kid Rock wouldn't have been the first guy anyone called to mind if someone said, "You know, I've been wondering which rock singers will eventually cut a country record," but that's exactly what he did in 2001, pairing with Sheryl Crow for a career-changing hit that ranks as one of our most unforgettable Kid Rock moments.

Kid Rock has bridged the gap between country and rock ever since then, and a collaboration with a country icon is another one of the items in this unforgettable moments list. He moved to Nashville a number of years ago, and has many, many friends in the country scene.

He shows his softer side in one of the other moments in our countdown, but let's face it, you can't have an Unforgettable Kid Rock Moments list without some controversy, and there's a couple of high-profile ones to round things out, too.

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