Thomas Rhett has the songs, the girl, the charm ... heck, he can even dance! This country star is one of the most promising young artists in Nashville, with a platinum album and one of the top songs of 2015 and 2016 to his name. But what's his most unforgettable moment?

We considered all of these professional achievements in constructing this list of 7 Unforgettable Thomas Rhett moments. We also looked at his moves, his friends, his questionable non-country interests and his marriage to wife Lauren. Perhaps as much as any artist, Rhett embraces social media as a way to let fans into his private life. Even his vacations are all about business! That's where he filmed two of his last three music videos.

In 2015 Rhett released his ACM nominated album Tangled Up, and he's been an undeniable force at country radio since. Six straight No. 1 hits, five platinum hits and a platinum album have made his a concert ticket worth fighting for. As you'll see, he doesn't disappoint live either. His shows are anything but scripted!

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