By all accounts, 11-year-old yodeling "Walmart Boy" Mason Ramsey is traditional — heck, his nickname is Little Hank (Williams)! But since he's gone viral, the internet is having a field day with his talents, like spinning his "Lovesick Blues" rendition into the best EDM jam all year.

Adding slick beats and memorable drops and to his yodeling is the genius work of a deejay (and many copycats), and though just 90 seconds, is unlike anything you've ever heard.

Someone could line dance to this, no?

As we previously reported, Ramsey is far from an overnight viral sensation. The young singer has performed on stages and talent shows throughout the south since he was even younger. He was the champion of the 2016 Kentucky Opry Talent Search, Beginner Division. He's performed "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" in his short career, but this video if him singing in his local Walmart has made him April's viral sensation.

Ramsey has his grandparents to thank for his passion of country music — they played Hank Williams for him practically from birth.

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