William Michael Morgan is a proud "hat act," but his first single was co-written by the antithesis of hat acts. Sam Hunt helped write "I Met a Girl," and Morgan says he's not only a big fan of the song, he's a big fan of Hunt's.

Morgan appreciates Usher as much as he does country legends like Willie and Merle, but his sound and style is undeniably country. This dichotomy has led to many fans criticizing him for choosing a Hunt song as his first single. Hunt cut "I Met a Girl" for his Between the Pines album in 2013.

“There’s always gonna be people drinking that haterade, man," Morgan tells Taste of Country prior to his performance at the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival. "I like to drink tea, I don’t drink haterade.”

The new father says he puts his spin on the song, making it "hat country." But that shouldn't be interpreted as criticism for what the "Make You Miss Me" singer recorded.

“Not knocking Sam’s version at all," the 23-year-old says. "That’s why we fell in love with the song.”

“I love his style of writing, I love his melodies. I literally saw that girl, crossing the street with her baby blues, biting her lip, fixing her dress. He’s got a great way of painting those pictures.”

Could the two work together one day? Morgan says he hopes they can in the future. His set in Hunter Mountain showcased his love for traditional country. Covers of hits by Mark Chestnutt, Keith Whitley and David Allan Coe were sprinkled between originals. The one time he crossed genres it was to include the Georgia Satellites' "Keep Your Hands to Yourself."

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