Wynonna and Naomi Judd, whose upcoming "real and unscripted" reality series debuts on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network April 10, are now revealing the secret to how they've resolved their relationship issues: They have been going to therapy together for the past five years. The Judds' counselor has been the one to help them put their problems behind them and it's made their relationship stronger than it ever has been before.

Wynonna tells PEOPLE, "I have been in a healing recovery process since 2003, and of the most important and sacred things on my list of priorities was to heal my relationship with my mother. [Our therapist] said, 'It's a true miracle how far you've come, and that you all are doing as well as you have [been doing]."

"[Our counselor] said in 25 years of being a Ph.D psychologist, he's never seen people who love each other as deeply and whose intentions are [so] pure,' Her mom Naomi agrees. She adds, "We can agree to disagree ... I support who you are because I love you and I know your intentions are good."

As for what made them want to do the reality series in the first place, Wynonna says, "It’s been a lifelong process, working with Mom and learning how to have a healthy relationship. Having this incredible opportunity on OWN [means] that I am able to share part of my success and my life with someone I love so much. It’s a win-win! I’m discovering a whole new career while getting to share it with Mom and that is so rare for anyone." Naomi adds, "I’m in the best place I’ve ever been ... I’ve learned how to stop and breathe, acknowledge, accept and then allow my own feelings [with] the great communication techniques Wynonna and I are practicing. I thought this would be great homework."

The six-episode series follows the legendary mother/daughter duo as they reunite for their first concert tour in 10 years. Cameras record every move, the good and the not so good.

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