It takes a few listens to absorb the new sound Wynonna reveals on her new single 'Something You Can't Live Without.' The singer and 'Dancing With the Stars' competitor hasn't had a hit song in a decade, but comparing this to music from the 'What the World Needs Now Is Love' album would be like comparing Kelly Clarkson now to her 2003 self, but flip-flopped.

Credit Wy for stepping out and trying to reinvent herself once again this late in her career. She doesn't play it safe on this cut. Gone is the soft, organic delivery of some of her most beautiful and melodic ballads. On 'Something You Can't Live Without' we meet Wynonna the country-rocker who's flirting with pop -- or at the very least, AC radio.

"I hear you talking baby tell me something I don't know / I always knew that someday you'd come walking through my door," she sings to begin the song amidst a swirl of electric guitars. "And now you're telling me that it was meant to be / That every time you leave and go away it drives you crazy."

This example of Wy V2.0 has all the warmth of a tin can, and her delivery isn't helped by over-the-top production that turns all knobs to "10." An unusually thick voice punches out notes during the chorus. The song doesn't give her much of an opportunity to show off her range, until the end when she belts out the final notes of the chorus:

"That's how it's supposed to be / Like something's missing / Like it's hard for you to breath / Without my kisses baby / Everything you need / Or ever think about / Baby I was born to be something you can't live without."

Lyrically, the single is strong and Judd's delivery is surely emotional and heartfelt. It's not what fans were expecting, but then again, no one expected her to sign up to wear sequins and leotards on ABC television. We give her an extra half of a star for taking a risk, again.

Listen to Wynonna, 'Something You Can't Live Without'