It's a difficult thing to sell hopelessness for four-and-a-half minutes, but that is what Zac Brown Band aspire to do with their new single 'Goodbye in Her Eyes.' It's a big, ambitious production that a group with less talent wouldn't consider. It takes a few listens, but the song will hook you. 

The mood of this second single from 'Uncaged' could be compared to Tim McGraw's 'Just to See You Smile,' but ZBB don't have the benefit of an infectious melody. Instead, this song relies on powerful lyrics and layered instrumentation. An acoustic warble and hand drums begin what eventually becomes a country power ballad.

"I could tell that it was over / When her lips met mine / It was an emptiness in her voice / Hesitation when she smiled," Brown sings. He's describing a common emotion that is painfully unique to all of us. Clever metaphors set this cut apart from many, but not all go down like honey. On at least one occasion, his and songwriter Wyatt Durette's rhymes clash awkwardly.

"Sometimes I feel like a clown / that can't wash off his makeup / The life she wanted it was gone / Prince Charming I wasn't," he sings after the first chorus. Later, his words flow more like poetry.

"I know you got somebody new now / All my candles have burned out / He's gonna love the way you shine / So did I / So don't smile at me / It ain't what you mean / With that goodbye in your eyes."

From start to finish Brown and the rest of the Zac Brown Band singers broadcast genuine hurt. The song offers no smile at the finish, instead counting on the reality of heartbreak and loss to turn 'Goodbye in Her Eyes' into a hit. It will work. Much like 'Colder Weather' from 2011, this single's sorrow reminds those who have found love to appreciate it, while providing an empathizing ear to those in forlorn mourning.

Listen to Zac Brown Band, 'Goodbye in Her Eyes'