With 'Homegrown,' Zac Brown Band have crafted a perfect hometown anthem that will make you want to cheer -- as long as you can do it from the comfort of the rocking chair on your front porch. The first single off the band's much-anticipated fourth studio album is the perfect pairing of the band's smooth sound and some good old-fashioned small town pride.

Lyrically, 'Homegrown' paints a simple and beautiful picture of small town life. Less in your face than, say, Eric Church's 'Give Me Back My Hometown,' but still full of civic pride, it's a laid-back track paying tribute to everything we love about life in the country.

"I got a piece of land / Out in the country side / Lay back and smell the sun / Warm up the Georgia pie / Feels so good to be takin' it easy," Brown sings in the first verse, conjuring images of days spent lounging on the back porch with a glass of sweet tea, leading into a more rowdy second verse.

"We got a fire goin' / Down by the river side / Sip whiskey out the bottle / Livin' like we'll never die / C'mon and stay a while if you don't believe me." Life in a small town, it seems, can be just as exciting as anywhere else!

Sonically, 'Homegrown' plays to all the strengths of Zac Brown and his seven band mates. It highlights the group's superior musicianship, merging a whole bunch of instruments -- from guitars and drums to banjos and even ukuleles -- to create one cohesive sound. And while not the most vocally complex of their songs, the track also gives listeners a hint of the tight harmonies and strong melodies that the boys are made of. Striking the perfect balance between polished and approachable, Zac Brown Band may be eight members strong, but they never sound anything less than solid.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Homegrown' is the perfect hometown anthem for listeners who just want to sit back and enjoy life in a small (or big) town.

Key Lyrics: "Why would I ever leave / 'Cause I know I got some good friends / That live down the street / Got a good lookin' woman with her arm around me / I live in a small town where it feels like home / I got everything I need / And nothing that I don't / Homegrown."

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