This week, the Zac Brown Band have sailed back to No. 1 with their latest hit single, 'Knee Deep.' By topping the charts this week, the Zac Brown Band has now scored an impressive eight No. 1 singles -- 'Chicken Fried,' 'Toes,' 'Whatever it Is,' 'Highway 20 Ride,' 'Free,' 'Colder Weather,' 'As She's Walking Away,' and now, 'Knee Deep.'

'Knee Deep' is a song that was penned by Brown and his bandmate Coy Bowles, along with songwriters Wyatt Durrette (who co-wrote all previous No. 1 singles with the exception of 'Free') and Jeffrey Steele. The inspiration for the beach-themed tune came after a breakup between Durrette and his girlfriend at the time. He knew the best cure for his broken heart was just escaping reality for a few days.

“I was kind of wanting to just get away," Durrette told Taste of Country. "I just wanted to get away from the world for a minute … kind of go to a beach and sit in the water and not worry about anything.”

'Knee Deep' is the fourth single off the band's latest album, 'You Get What You Give,' which hit stores last September. The Zac Brown Band's next release off their sophomore album is 'Keep Me in Mind,' which Durrette co-wrote with Brown and Southern Ground Records artist Nic Cowan.

Watch the Zac Brown Band 'Knee Deep' Video