While the members of Zac Brown Band have tasted commercial success in the past few years, they've also each experienced something else entirely new: parenthood. Perhaps this is partially what drew the band's guitarist Coy Bowles to pen his first children's book, "Amy Giggles: Laugh Out Loud." Speaking on HLN yesterday morning (March 16), Bowles elaborated on the origins of the anti-bullying book, as well as his hopes for its future.

"I met somebody who is Amy Giggles,” he says in the video clip below. “I know a girl who has a really crazy laugh." After talking to his friend, Bowles realized that she had been bullied about her laugh while she was a kid, and something about that story struck a chord with him.

He continued, “So I came up with a rhyme, and the crazy thing about it is that the band’s success has been so insane over the last three or four years, it took me 15 minutes to write the book and two years on and off the road to finish the book.” While he says writing a book is entirely different than sitting down to write music, Bowles points out that there is a rhyming structure to this book, which brought the two crafts together for him.

In addition to speaking out against bullying, the book touches on of self-confidence and encourages kids to accept themselves for who they are. You can watch a trailer for the book here. Bowles is donating a portion of the proceeds to Camp Southern Ground, a camp that strives to "overcome academic, social and emotional difficulties so they may reach their full potential."

When asked what his hopes are for the future of the book, the artist says, “Man, just if it changes one person’s life, which it has. I would love for the message to get spread and for kids to learn that having confidence can be more than getting picked on.” The book, which is available on Zac Brown Band's website, does include a cameo of Brown within its pages, so be sure to check it out.

Watch Coy Bowles Talking About His New Book on HLN