It's not every day that someone receives one million Twitter followers. In the case of Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band, it happened on Friday (Sept. 13). And Brown, along with bandmate Clay Cook, actually surprised the lucky millionth Twitter follower with a phone call. 

When his Twitter account reached seven digits, Brown tweeted, "1 million followers. BAM!" Then, according to video footage, he and Cook proceeded to call their fan Sarah Veinot, who helped them reach that monumental mark. Unfortunately, she didn't answer -- but the members of ZBB left her a voicemail.

"Thank you for being our one millionth Twitter follower -- hope this is the right number," said Brown as they both chuckled.

Cook added, "If it's not, can you see that Sarah gets this information? She's on Twitter, she's one of our fans. So...we're gonna get this to her somehow!"

Apparently, it was the correct number, and Veinot expressed her dismay at missing the call, tweeting, "ZAC BROWN BAND CALLED ME AND I MISSED IT, I'm so sad. Thanks for the message though! @zacbrownband."

Brown replied with, "@SarahVeinot good thing for you, we took this video," and linked her to the footage.

What a sweet way to express thanks to their millionth fan. We're not sure how in the world the 'Sweet Annie' hitmakers obtained her phone number, but when you have two Platinum-selling records, sometimes you have connections.

ZBB has a busy few autumn; the 3rd annual Southern Ground Music and Food Festival is hitting Nashville, Tenn. in a little over a week, and heading to Charleston, S.C. in October.