Zac Brown Band frontman Zac Brown will soon be a father of five, with his first boy due spring 2014. After that, he'll be suiting up in a hospital gown to ... well, keep his number of offspring at five.

Along with being in a successful band and having four daughters -- Justice, 6, Georgia Sloan, 5, Lucy, 4 and Joni Mason, 2 -- Brown has decided it's time to cut off the prospect of any more kids, quite literally!

Although the 'Sweet Annie' singer comes from a family of 12 children himself, that won't be the case for his young family. "I’m done," he tells the Country Vibe. "I'm ready, I'll go under the knife whenever the time will allow now."

Well, that is, as long as the baby truly is a boy, as the ultrasound showed. Back in 2011, Brown said that he and his wife Shelly would keep trying until they got a boy, so if for some reason the doctor yells, "It's a girl!" he may be skipping out on the vasectomy.

The singer is being cautiously optimistic, saying, “Shelly’s almost five months along and I don’t want to jinx anything, so I try to be real careful about it." Adds Brown, "Getting the boy was a big blessing because I didn’t think it was going to happen. The odds were definitely against us and I wanted to know what that would be like to have a namesake and everything, but I try not to even talk about it until he’s here."

Baby Boy Brown will make his arrival sometime around May 1, 2014 and in the meantime, the country star will enjoy his daughters, who are turning into quite the musical aficionados.

"They’re just doing their own little music recitals now," the ZBB singer shares. "They just had their first one and they’re all playing instruments and running around and having fun, and it’s so much fun."

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