Just last week, Zac Brown revealed that his wife, Shelly, is pregnant with the couple's fifth child. After four girls, the 'Sweet Annie' singer had to be hoping for a boy, right?

He's in luck. Just one day after the 2013 CMA Awards, Brown shared the babe's sex and a time frame for the arrival:

The couple hasn't offered any name ideas just yet, but we're sure they'd love your suggestions. Mini Zac (that's what we're calling him) will join older sisters Joni Mason, 2, Justice, 6, Lucy, 3, and Georgia Sloan, 4.

“We’re just gonna keep on going until we get a boy,” Brown said in February 2011 after Joni was born. “If that’s 13, then I doubt I’m gonna be able to pull that off, but we’ll see.”

The 'Chicken Fried' hitmaker is one of 12 children. Baby Brown is expected to make his arrival in the spring of 2014.

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