There's a snake in the grass on 1923, the Yellowstone prequel starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

His name is Clyde or Clive (actor Brian Konowal, per IMDB) and he was re-introduced in Ep. 6 as a polite, even-tempered believer in the Dutton family cause. They're trying to stop cattle thieving, so they created a Livestock Agency of lawmen to ride the range. The red-haired man from Chicago won over Cara Dutton (Mirren) and the Sheriff (Robert Patrick) during his interview.

We think the sheriff could be dirty, too.

This week's episode of the Dutton Rules podcast answers the question Jack asks during that interview. He recognized Clyde, but didn't quite figure out how and was left satisfied when the impostor says he never misses a Livestock Association meeting.

Sharp-eyed viewers may recognize him from Ep. 3. His character is critical to the attack on the Duttons. Does this photo ring a bell?

attachment-clive and banner
Paramount Network

Yep, Clyde or Clive is one of Banner Creighton's men. He's no doubt sent to infiltrate the Dutton empire and report back to the 1923 villain as they try to take the Yellowstone ranch. If you recall, Cara wasn't so keen on hiring him.

It was the sheriff who quickly tossed Clyde a badge and told him to start the next day. This begs the question: Is he also on the take from Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton)?

The full episode of Dutton Rules: A Yellowstone 1923 Podcast explores this question and more. Fans looking to talk more about Spencer and Alex — and who isn't, frankly — will find a home here. There's reason to believe their role as saviors may not begin during Season 1.

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Hat-tip to Insider for pointing this out before us.

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