Martina McBride is without a doubt one of the busiest women in country music. In addition to her successful touring and road career, the singer may be Nashville's most well-known mother. This summer, she took the whole family to Los Angeles for six weeks so daughter Emma could pursue an acting career.

Somehow, through all of this, she managed to set aside 60 seconds to dish exclusively to Taste of Country on her TV addictions, music and movie preferences, frivolous purchases and the (other) toughest woman in country music.


60 Seconds With Martina McBride

Question 1: Who's the toughest woman in country music?

I'm pretty tough actually, but I'd probably say Miranda [Lambert].

Taste of Country: We asked Lee Brice that, and he said you.

He did? Really? That's awesome!

Question 2: What is the most frivolous thing you bought after you started making money?

I think I spent too much money on shoes.

Question 3: Have you ever been addicted to a daytime television show?

Yeah, I was addicted to 'Guiding Light' for many years.

Question 4: What song or artist that your daughters discovered do you really like?

They bring some interesting stuff. They'll be listening in the kitchen, I'm like 'What is that?' So I will admit it, but I would say artists that they've turned me onto that I wouldn't have heard otherwise, one would be the Black Keys. And they find all kinds of stuff on YouTube. Ingrid Michaelson is one artist that Emma found that I like. And then she loves One Direction. So we have a fair amount of One Direction and Justin Bieber in our house.

Question 5: Harry Potter, Twilight or the Hunger Games?

'The Hunger Games'

Question 6: When was the last time one of your daughters shouted 'I hate you!' and stormed away?

It was my 6-year-old. I don't know if she said 'I hate you,' but it was similar language and it was probably about a week ago.