Alan Jackson recorded his first album in 1989, and he’s accumulated a long list of achievements and awards since. The country icon has sold more 60 million records worldwide and he's one of the Top 10 best-selling country artists of all time. Jackson’s long career reveals that he's had the stamina and skill-set to become a legacy.

In August 2014, the Country Music Hall of Fame opened a special exhibit to showcase the Southern star. Titled Alan Jackson: 25 Years of Keepin’ It Country, the exhibit offers a behind-the-scenes look at Jackson's personal and professional life, from awards and albums to memorabilia and instruments. Although the exhibit was initially scheduled to end in March, it has been renewed due to popular demand. It will remain at the Country Music Hall of Fame through June.

Jackson’s first car will return to the museum from Feb. 8-16. The 1955 Ford Thunderbird convertible played a pivotal role in the singer's life, as not only did Jackson personally buy the car and restore it with his father, but he also used it to woo his wife, Denise.

"He owned the coolest car in town," she recalls.

Alan Jackson and Other Stars' Yearbook Photos

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