Fans who enter the corn maze at Gull Meadow Farms in Richland, Mich. may not know they're wandering around inside Alan Jackson's famous mustache or -- if they get real lost -- cowboy hat. However, this aerial view of the six acre lot shows how accurately the singer's likeness was carved in the corn.

Gull Meadows Farms partnered with Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Mich. country radio station WIN 98.5 to put the 'Gone Country' singer in the corn. According to their website, the traditional autumn fun begins on Sept. 8. Jackson gave his stamp of approval by showing a picture of the maize maze on his official website.

In past years Gull Meadows Farms has chopped other pictures and logos into the eight-foot tall stalks. From the Western Michigan University Bronco logo to President Gerald Ford's face, they've been mostly Michigan-centric. Country stars were hot in mazes last year. Lady Antebellum was honored in Grovetown, Ga. and Jason Aldean was placed center square on a farm in Shelby, N.C.