Alan Jackson has been the owner of some impressive real estate in his day. From his $28 million Williamson County estate -- which he and his wife sold earlier this year to move to a gated community -- to his $15 million, $19,000 Juniper Island, Florida estate -- which is still on the market -- Jackson and his wife seem to be simplifying as their daughters get older. And now, adding to the list of properties they have decided to sell this year, the Jacksons are putting their equally mind-boggling lakeside retreat on the market for $4,995,000.

The lake house is located on 3.6 acres on Center Hill Lake on a private, gated peninsula near Smithville, Tenn. And while the house itself is quite impressive, the property also includes -- in true Jackson style -- a guest house, a boat dock, a two-story houseboat made just for them and even a helipad for their helicopter.

“Center Hill has always been a retreat and a sanctuary, especially during the week,” Jackson told the Tennessean. “It’s so quiet and peaceful. I’ve started and finished many songs there. And I’ve come up with several ideas for songs while I was behind the wheel of my boat ... It’s a lot like being in your own private national park on 60 miles of lake — just a beautiful place.”

Among the memories made at the Center Hill home is one of Shania Twain performing with Jackson during one of his shows on the lake when she was still young and had just begun to make her mark on the music industry.

“She’d hit it big already," the 'Chattahoochee’ singer remembers. "She was on her way to being a huge star, but she hadn’t really toured yet, and she came out there,” he said. “I remember she was wearing overalls and just came with a couple of players and did an acoustic set. That was really an event.”

Even with all these memories in tow, Jackson says that as his girls have gotten older, the family hasn't been able to spend as much time out at the lake as they used to, and that's why he's selling this house and their Florida home.

“And after Denise’s fight with cancer last year," he added, "we’ve re-evaluated our lives and plans for the future and felt like this fits into those plans.”

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