Ashley Campbell’s debut single “Remembering” continues the family narrative about Alzheimer’s disease. The Campbells continue to find ways to bring people in to a conversation that’s always been very difficult to have publicly.

Glen Campbell’s dialogue about what he's facing, and would face, as he battles with Alzheimer’s has been brutally honest and refreshing, but never did one get the urge to turn away. His daughter’s sweet coffee shop tribute to his life and their relationship is equally accessible.

“Bone for bone we are the same / Bones get tired and they can’t carry all the weight / We can talk until you can’t even remember my name / Daddy don’t you worry, I’ll do the remembering,” she sings at each chorus.

“Remembering” tells the Rhinestone Cowboy’s story through his daughter’s eyes, and one sees the tender father figure he wasn’t always publicly. We recognize this man from our own lives, and the connection to the singer’s story is personal and real. In this case the song fills an empty hole in the heart, at least for a few minutes.

“Four years old running up the stairs to your bed / Found your arms and I pulled the covers over my head / You say it’s just a storm, enjoy the show / You take me to the window and you show me that it’s beautiful,” Campbell sings to begin after a short, descending guitar introduction.

The last few lines hit hardest. “Now I have to ask you to sing for me / And I have to show you the words to see / You’re standing right in front of me and slipping away,” she adds before the song slips away like her father’s memory.

Many young singer-songwriters run from parental ties. Campbell’s first foray on a major label embraces her roots in truly unique way.

Why Fans Will Love It: In addition to introducing a beautiful new voice to country music, "Remembering" humanizes Glen Campbell in an entirely new way.

Key Lyrics: "Daddy don't you worry / I'll do the remembering."

Did You Know?: "Remembering" is included in the movie Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me.

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