Ashley Cooke is a new artist to be excited about in 2024. The Florida native's new single "Your Place" is a songwriting showcase performed as if she lived the lyrics last week.

Jordan Minton and Mark Trussell helped Cooke write "Your Place," the first single from her Shot in the Dark album. The power ballad is a striking contradiction to the unbridled love she illustrates on the title track, but her emotions throughout both songs are palpable.

When she warns her ex with, "Don't say come over, don't swear that you're different / You made your bed and I ain't sleeping in it," you want to give out high fives. 

The 20-something's experience and conviction are her superpower, and a quick flip through songs on the new album prove she isn't here because she caught fire with one song. At a time when going viral is the quickest way to get noticed, it's refreshing to find a country music professional with as much depth as talent.

Did You Know?: Cooke went viral, too! Actually she helped found the 615 House for social media content creators after signing up for TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen to Ashley Cooke, "Your Place":

Ashley Cooke, "Your Place" Lyrics:

My spare time and my spare key / Don't go to your front door / And I don't keep that old Jeep
/ In your driveway anymore / And my toothbrush ain't on your bathroom sink / Haven't been to your side of town in weeks / You're the reason this thing broke / So you should already know.

It ain't your place to walk up, say hey / Ask how I've been at some party / It ain't your place to ask my friends / When you see 'em out if I'm seeing somebody / You don't get to call me up / Cause you're drunk / 2 AM, say you miss us / Nah, you don't get to care where I'm waking up these days / It ain't your place.

Don't reach out to my family / When their birthdays come around / And don't act like you're happy / For me when a dream works out / If I met someone or if I didn't / Honestly, it's none of your business anyway / 'Cause at the end of the day.

Repeat Chorus

Don't say come over, don't swear that you're different / You made your bed and I ain't sleeping in it.

Repeat Chorus

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