Ashley Monroe's sunny single, "On to Something Good," now has an equally upbeat, fun music video. The song, which was co-written by Monroe, Luke Laird and Barry Dean, was released as a single in February.

Directed by Rachel McDonald, the newly-released music video features artful shots of Monroe putting on gorgeous jewelry, exploring a record store and cruising down the street. The lyrics include, "Lost and found, I’m better dancing when I don’t look down / Hard times roll up but they don’t hang around / I feel like I’m on to something good / I’m better moving on than going back / I’ll ride this train till it runs out of track / I feel like I’m on to something, something, something." Monroe has made a name for herself with music that is both honest and thoughtful.

"On to Something Good" is much more upbeat and commercial than Monroe's previous music, which was featured on her 2013 album Like A Rose. NPR said of her new music, "Moodwise, it's almost like Shania Twain. That's a good thing, though: A confident and pop-adventurous Monroe is one ready to take on the bro-country establishment, and with that new album due in July (around the same time Kacey Musgraves makes her return), this could be a fabulous summer for country's cutting-edge young female stars."

Monroe is set to release a new, as-yet-untitled studio album in July. For more information about her upcoming tour dates, visit her website.

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