Big & Rich's latest single is "California," and it might sound familiar to some Tim McGraw fans. The superstar recorded it before them for his Damn Country Music album, but as they explained to Taste of Country Nights, they actually intended the song for themselves all along.

"It's been written for a couple of years, and the guitar player that played on that recording also pays in Tim McGraw's band, and he also used to play for Big & Rich," John Rich explains. He was playing the demo of "California" on the bus when McGraw heard it and asked him what it was.

"Next thing I know, Tim is calling me on the phone. 'I heard 'California. I wanna put it on my next record,'" Rich recalls. "I went, 'That's great, but I think it's a Big & Rich song, man. I've really got a feeling about it.'"

They went back and forth, and finally, Rich says, "I went, 'It's a Tim McGraw song! Here you go, buddy.' So he recorded it, and [Big] Kenny [Alphin] and I sang background on his record. And then it wasn't a single on him, so we decided we're gonna take it back, put the Big & Rich thing on it and put it out."

"California" is the lead single from Did It for the Party, which Big & Rich released on Friday (Sept. 15).

"It's awesome, man," Rich enthuses. "We've been working on it for a couple of years, and like all the other Big & Rich records, it is quite a vast array of music and sonics and lyrics."

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