Former personal trainer Billy Currington keeps his eyes open in the gym. But the fitness buff isn't just looking for cute girls -- he's looking out for anyone doing an exercise wrong. If he sees you lifting with improper technique, he says he'll stop you.

During an interview with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex, the 'Hey Girl' singer speaks about his workout regimen. “I’ll never pass by and let them do something that I think is gonna hurt them in the long run,” he says of someone straining or flexing.

Known as an avid surfer, Currington also swims and runs when he can't get to the coast. His home on Tybee Island is a prime surf spot. It's also a prime wedding destination. “I see at least five or six weddings a week while I’m down there,” the Georgia native says. He hasn't poked his head in to sing for any couples, but he'll stop to chat if someone catches him climbing out of the surfing hole.

This summer, Currington will embark on the We Are Tonight Tour, named after his latest album and current Top 40 single. Brett Eldredge and Chase Rice will be on board when the tour begins on March 6 in Tulsa, Okla.