There's a reason why 'Boys 'Round Here' was one of the first songs released from Blake Shelton's new 'Based on a True Story...' album. Although Shelton didn't write the 'Boys 'Round Here' lyrics himself, they perfectly describe the country boys he grew up with in Oklahoma.

Penned by songwriters Thomas Rhett, Dallas Davidson and Craig Wiseman, the lyrics tell the story of southern life in a small town. The men this song describes are traditional and strong -- they work with their hands and they aren't afraid to get dirty. And although they're masculine, these boys aren't too proud to tear up a honky-tonk dance floor with their cowboy boots.

Thanks to his small town roots in Ada, Okla., 'Boys Round Here' was an obvious choice for Shelton's latest album.

"That song had me from the first, ‘cause I thought about all the guys I know back in Tishomingo," Shelton told Roughstock of the 'Boys 'Round Here' lyrics. "None of them listened to the Beatles. They listened to Hank, or these days you’ll hear Jason Aldean blaring out of somebody’s car coming from a mile away. It’s just how they are, and that song is just written exactly how I live."

If 'Boys 'Round Here' just happens to remind you of Aldean's hit song '1994,' you shouldn't be surprised. The same writers who were responsible for '1994's catchy chanting of 'Joe Diffie' are responsible for the "Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit" hook in Shelton's latest single.

For this celebration of country life, Shelton called on several of his close friends to contribute to the tune. His wife, Miranda Lambert, and her gal pals from Pistol Annies contribute to the backing vocals, as did 'The Voice' star RaeLynn. Co-writers Rhett and Davidson and producer Scott Hendricks were involved in the recording process, too.

The result is a modern take on the country music lifestyle.

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