Blake Shelton says his dog, Betty, prefers the company of his sweetheart Gwen Stefani over his own.

You heard that right. The country singer's longtime pooch has taken a liking to the No Doubt frontwoman and solo artist. That's how the dog's original owner describes it, anyway. As Blake fans are aware, Betty makes an appearance in the powerhouse couple's music video for the duet "Nobody But You."

On the red carpet at the Grammy Awards last month, Shelton laid out how the pup has all but become Stefani's companion (the two performed their smash collab during the televised ceremony).

"She gets jealous," Shelton explains to CMT. "She's Gwen's dog now, so that's where the jealousy comes in."

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However, Stefani adds that Betty "loves both of her parents very much."

Canines aside, music fans might be interested to know that "Nobody But You" wasn't originally envisioned by Shelton as a collaboration with his superstar girlfriend. But, surprisingly enough, the pair's preferences in music aren't all that different in the longrun.

"Once we decided to record it, I told Gwen, I said, 'You've gotta sing this with me.'" Shelton recalls. "It wasn't written as a duet, but it is a duet. … We've found that our musical tastes are pretty much the same. We both love '70s, '80s music."

Indeed, it looks like two share an affinity for dogs in addition to a similar taste in music. To wit, Shelton recently displayed his eclectic musical personality in the video for rapper Pitbull's "Get Ready."

See Blake Shelton + Gwen Stefani on the 2020 Grammys Red Carpet:

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