When dreaming up 'Remind Me,' Brad Paisley hoped to do a true duet instead of an ordinary guest appearance. The difference is subtle, yet important. "Usually, duets are more like appearances for someone who takes a second verse, or whatever," Paisley tells Taste of Country. "But to have a song where the woman right away, in that first chorus, takes a few lines and sings the main hook of the song to the man … we were writing that with that in mind. It felt like it could be really powerful that way."

"Been so long that you’d forget / The way I used to kiss your neck," Paisley sings in lyrics of the first chorus before Carrie Underwood responds with "Remind me / Remind me." When it came to choosing a partner for the ballad, Paisley says he really only considered Underwood. "We just sort of share the same values and get along that well," he explains. "And also, I just don’t think there’s a better singer than her, so it’s sort of selfish to be able to sing with her and perform."

Beginning with the song's second verse, the two begin trading lyrics back and forth: "[Underwood] Remember the airport dropping me off / We were kissing goodbye and we couldn’t stop / [Paisley] I felt bad 'cause you missed your flight / [Both] But that meant we had one more night." "I just thought it was such a cool thing to hear a couple have a conversation musically that way," Paisley says about the song's concept.

Throughout the remainder of the song it's one superstar then the other, then both together. Their passion reaches a fever pitch that only most fuddy-duddylicious of married couples can ignore. 'Remind Me' will no doubt become a song that has divorce lawyers boycotting Paisley concerts this summer, as the song is likely to rekindle smoldering marital flames.