Brantley Gilbert says it doesn't feel like his bus burned down as much as his whole house went up in flames. There was a lot of damage, and the singer reveals that he'd just made it perfect for 4-month-old son Barrett.

The bus is a total loss, Gilbert adds — he lost items of sentimental value along with things you'd expect a country-rocker to have on board. "We had it built with (Barrett) in mind comin’, and we had just finished all the baby aspects of the bus and got it just perfect," he says. "And everything that I own that fit me is burned, a couple guitars, documents, you know, letters, notes, pictures, all the baby stuff that was on there."

Gilbert shared video of the burning bus on March 12, but didn't say when it actually took place. No one was injured and it's not clear if wife Amber and the couple's son were traveling with him at the time. They'll be on the road some, and Gilbert even brought Barrett on stage in Augusta, Ga., earlier on the tour.

"You know, it’s not so much like, ‘Awww, your bus burned down.’ It’s more like, ‘Man, my house burned down,'" he says. "I spend a lot of time on it, and if Amber and Barrett aren’t home, I sleep in the bus. It’s just my place. It’s kind of like my little sanctuary so I feel like I kinda lost an old friend a little bit ... but we’ll build another one."

After a festival stop this Friday, his the Ones That Like Me Tour resumes on March 24. In June the "Bottoms Up" singer will play Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo.

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