Need your dose of "awwww!" for the day? Brantley Gilbert gave Augusta, Ga. a big dose of cuteness during his show at the James Brown Arena last month, the footage of which he decided to share with fans on Thursday (Mar. 1).

Gilbert noted to the crowd that it was his "first show in Georgia as a dad," which brought roars of approval. Those cheers became even louder when Gilbert added, "I want y'all to meet somebody," and his wife Amber walked out on stage, carrying their 3-month-old baby son Barrett.

Barrett, adorably decked out in noise-blocking earmuffs, appeared to be somewhat of a natural showman and was unfazed by the attention. However, when his dad offered him the mic, he didn't have anything to say (he is, after all, a little young to expect much).

That just added to the fun...but we'll see if anything changes once he gets to be a bit older, and gets used to joining his pop on stage!

Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert was born Nov. 11 in Gilbert's native native Athens, Ga. His two middle names honor members of both his mom and dad's families.

Gilbert's The Ones That Like Me Tour with Aaron Lewis and Josh Phillips will run through May. The tour's namesake comes from his most recent single, "The Ones That Like Me," off his chart-topping album, The Devil Don't Sleep.

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