Brantley Gilbert's loyal fans now have an anthem. "The Ones That Like Me" is as much for them as it is for a singer who seems to be admitting he is a polarizing figure.

Gilbert's second single from The Devil Don't Sleep tells an undeniable truth. Despite his intimidating look, it's almost impossible to dislike the Georgian once you sit down with him. He's well-spoken, thoughtful and laughs a lot more than he scowls. Still it's easy to take shots at Gilbert from afar, and this song almost seems like a (mostly) good-natured, well-meaning response to critics.

"The Ones That Like Me" is similar to "The Weekend" in that it's not very polarizing. In fact, both songs are among his most mainstream to date — they kind of hang in the background until you look up to find yourself singing every word. If fans can relate to his "love 'em or forget about 'em" message and call it their own, he'll find another hit. But more than anything, Gilbert's newest single is a thank you note to those that have stuck with him on and off stage.

Did You Know?: Gilbert and his wife Amber are expecting their first baby in 2017!

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Brantley Gilbert's "The Ones That Like Me" Lyrics:

Ain't gonna lie, I can count on both hands / My down to ride 'til the day I die friends / To get them I'd like to think that I'm few and far between / Guys like me you want in an alley way / Up a creek, ain't a doubt I'm gonna paddle with ya / Go to bat, go to church, go to battle with you / They can say what they want about me.

But the ones that need me got me / The ones that doubt me can't stop me / Even the ones that said forget him / You can bet they ain't forgot me / Either wanna hit me or hold me / Those that hate me don't know me / And the ones that don't trust anybody trust me / Yeah the ones that like me love me.

Speak my mind, don't mind who's listening / I'll ask forgiveness, 'fore I ask permission / Least with me you know what you're gettin' / You may not get a thing about me.

And I ain't perfect, I'm a simple man / I got a sinner's mind but I can fold my hands / I ain't afraid to pray and I do know who I am.

The ones that like me love me / And if you don't / Probably a pretty good chance I don't like you either.

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