Newlywed Brantley Gilbert let his guard down when he married girlfriend Amber Cochran June 28, he says in an interview with Country Countdown USA. He dished some details about the intimate affair, which took place at his home in Georgia.

“The ceremony was awesome,” Gilbert says. But it was the next little tidbit the typically tough guy shared that will have female country fans everywhere swooning.

"I’ll let you in on a little secret: I cried like a baby,” he admits. "She’s got a piece of my heart that nobody’s ever touched before.”

The couple have been talking about kids already, but Cochran will have to be the disciplinarian, it seems, based on the way Gilbert treats his pitbull.

“Well, the way I treat Sylo like I love my dog, right, and he can’t do a whole lot wrong,” the star says. “Like, if he does, he does somethin’ and he’s a pitbull but he’s cute as hell, I don’t know how that works. He’s just awesome.”

Gilbert says his wife predicts he’ll be even more malleable when they have kids. “She says I let him get away with anything, I’m just gonna be worse with kids,” he explains. “She says I’m gonna be putty.”

The two were surely meant to be together, because after knowing each other for 10 years and each going their separate ways, they finally came back to one another.

“You’ll hear her in most of my songs,” he shared on the Bobby Bones radio show in October 2014 when he announced their engagement. “She was the one who got away for about five years … I can honestly say I’ve never been happier.”

Gilbert is joining Kenny Chesney for 15 special stadium dates on The Big Revival Tour. He recently teamed up with Southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd for CMT’s Crossroads, which aired June 27.

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