Brantley Gilbert is one of country music's toughest bad boys, but not when it comes to family. The imposing singer freely admits he gets very emotional when it comes to the impending birth of his son.

Gilbert and wife Amber are expecting their first child in November.

"I’m a little bit emotional about this stuff right now. I can’t look at an ultrasound picture without crying," Gilbert admits in an interview with his label, BMLG. "Only about that, that’s it. That is literally the one thing that may get a tear out of my eyes is this baby, man."

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It's a good thing Gilbert isn't having a girl, which he previously admitted was the one thing that terrified him.

"You hear people say that have daughters, 'Oh, I’ll go to jail,'" he says. "But no, I really will — I’ll go to prison. If a dude comes up my driveway that looks, talks, acts anything like me I’m going to stab him as many times as humanly possible."

Gibert has already gotten to spend some quality bonding with his son.

"It’s got to where I can feel him every now and then, like if he moves she’ll call me in there and then I’ll put my hand on her belly and I’ll wait for like 30 minutes and he don’t move at all," he tells BMLG. "But there’s been a couple times when I’ve caught him moving. It’s awesome, man, we’re excited. We can’t wait."

His parents also can't wait -- in fact, they might be even more excited than he and Amber.

"My mom, she’s babies period. My dad the same way," the singer says. "Literally if we have people over at the house and a baby walks in, you can kiss him goodbye for the rest of the night 'cause he’s gonna be talking to it and holding that baby all night."

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