He's no Millionaire Matchmaker, but celebrity crooner Brett Eldredge apparently fancies himself a bit of a country cupid. In his new dating series 'Take Me Home Tonight,' Eldredge is hoping to start love stories by pairing up his fans with other fans he thinks will do well together. To be clear, the 'It Ain't Gotta Be Love' singer isn't putting himself out there and hoping to get a date; he's just setting out to help others find their perfect match.

"I want to help you start your love story," he says in the trailer for the show (see below). Anyone wanting to participate in the quest for love can apply on the singer-songwriter's website by filling out basic details (plus height and weight) and explaining why you want to be on the show.

If Eldredge thinks you would be a good match for another of his fans, he'll set the two of you up on a romantic date in Nashville, culminating (of course!) with a Brett Eldredge concert with full backstage access. Just go to his website and click on the banner that reads "Are you looking for love?" to get started.

When he's not scouring through the applications trying to help his fans find the love of their life, Eldredge will continue on his tour, which has been keeping him pretty busy and will continue to occupy his time until it wraps June 9 at the Winstock Music Festival in Winstead, Minn.

Watch Trailer for Brett Eldredge's 'Take Me Home Tonight' Dating Series

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