It's not that Brett Young is dodging the girlfriend question. He just doesn't have a great answer. When pressed, the "In Case You Didn't Know" singer says "It's complicated."

“I was in a relationship for awhile and … life’s good and it’s kinda complicated," Young tells Taste of Country Nights, laughing. Last April he did bring someone to the ACM Awards but when we asked about her it was a long pause and then, "It's complicated."

“You’re gone a lot, which makes holding onto a relationship difficult,” Young says explaining how he strives to find balance, “and you’re not really home enough to meet anybody … so my situation is currently complicated.”

Young's self-titled debut album is slated to drop on Feb. 10 and includes his current single and his No. 1 hit "Sleep Without You." It's filled with love and love-lost songs, most of which are inspired by his personal life. Musically fans may think of Gavin DeGraw during select cuts. That's not complicated. DeGraw is an influence and a friend.

“When he was out with Shania Twain and he played (Nashville) I went out and saw the show and got to spend some time with him," he says. "He’s such a great dude and such a talent.”

Other interesting things learned during Young's visit with ToC Nights: He wrote "Olivia Mae" about a girl with that name, but he hadn't met her yet. Young still sleeps with his baby blanket (his ex-girlfirend had one too, so it wasn't weird). And before Katy Perry and Mandy Moore were famous Young played small clubs with them.

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