It turns out Brett Young does heartbreak pretty well, too. The singer and Taste of Country RISERS act bleeds during "Like I Loved You," a desperate breakup song from his self-titled debut album.

The California native and "In Case You Didn't Know" hitmaker has talked about great heartache during interviews, but fans haven't had the chance to experience it like they do during "Like I Loved You." Young's perspective is all too familiar — hurt, mixed with irrational accusations. He is nothing if not honest. We find him at the depths of despair, at that hopeless moment when living without someone you've called a lover seems a worse fate than not living.

This third single from Brett Young is his most mainstream effort. A slow shuffle builds with the singer's enthusiasm. Whimsical guitars swirl about, but really the song would be as good acoustic as it would be in front of his band.

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Listen to Brett Young, "Like I Loved You"

Watch Brett Young Perform "In Case You Didn't Know" for RISERS

Brett Young's "Like I Loved You" Lyrics:

Would have thought you wrote down every word / Goodbye spelled out and rehearsed / There ain’t no point in trying to change your mind / Seems like you’ve got it all figured out / You’re alright, with the way this is going down.

Don’t tell me we could still be friends / Hang out on the weekends / You’re gonna be OK if I start seeing somebody new, you hope that I do / It won’t be long / Til I forget to call every time that I’m drinking / And you ain’t the love song that I can’t keep from singing / I gotta be honest if you really believe that’s the truth / You never loved me like I loved you.

By the way you’re talking you would think / You never had any real feelings for me / If you think I could look across the bar / And see you in someone else’s arms / I don’t need you / Then who do you think you are.

You always told me / You’d never leave me / You said I was your one and only / So makes you think I wanna hear you say / That we could still be friends / But I don’t wanna be friends.

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