Brett Young brings the pain of "Mercy" to life in a simple, artistic video.

Young takes to the desert to deal with a broken heart, sitting at a piano in the middle of nowhere as he tries to process the pain. He's in a suit, and music is his only friend as he puts his anguish to paper. Shots of a happy couple in love break up scenes of Young and his leading lady walking the sandy hills of the desert alone, both in distress as they deal with loneliness.

Young begs for mercy as he searches for comfort, letting his stirring vocals do the talking before a not-so-hopeful "Mercy" video conclusion that ends with a single tear.

Brett Young's Real-Life Fiancee Inspired "Mercy"

The rising country star recently explained to Taste of Country and other media that the concept of the video was meant to be "dream-like" and "ethereal," stemming from the idea of a relationship that appears stable on the outside, but behind the scenes is a different story.

"It's pretty much the same story that the song tells, but with a little bit of an image attached to it," Young says of the video. "It's a very haunting and all too familiar story." The single is Young's most heartbreakingly raw yet, similar to the pain felt in his latest No. 1 hit, "Like I Loved You."

"The reason I like 'Mercy' so much is I didn't live that exactly, but I've lived multiple versions of that and I think that's why people are going to be able to relate to the song so well," he adds.

"Mercy" is the fourth single off Young's self-titled debut album that's earned him three chart-topping releases. He's currently working on his sophomore project that could see a release at the end of 2018. He's set to hit the road with Thomas Rhett on his 2018 Life Changes Tour that takes them across the country from April through October.

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