Brett Young has released the title track from his upcoming sophomore album (due out Dec. 7), and "Ticket to L.A." proves to be just as romantic and fanciful as the city it is named for.

The song, which can be heard above, details a chance encounter in New York City while waiting for a flight at JFK Airport. Young sings of sitting down at a random gate in order to chat with a fetching stranger, who tells him she is flying to Los Angeles and gradually unfolds her life story over several drinks. As they chat, he becomes more and more intrigued...but ultimately has to say goodbye when her flight is called.

It's not made clear where Young himself is supposed to be flying, but wherever it is, he ends up missing his plane. That's okay, though, because he's left now with a mission: "There ain't a single thing I wouldn't trade for a ticket to L.A.," he sings.

Young, who is from Orange County, Calif.—just an hour south of Los Angeles—has, of course, racked up plenty of tickets to L.A. over his career to date. In fact, these frequent flights taking him back home from his new post in Nashville inspired the title of the record. The new set will feature 13 tracks, including lead single "Here Tonight," and a collaboration with pop star Gavin DeGraw called "Chapters."

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