Brothers Osborne bring a countrified brand of bluesy garage rock to their new single "It Ain't My Fault." The foot-stomping bookend cut from Pawn Shop puts a spotlight on their live show. It's a guitar-drenched, unapologetic jam that's not likely to please the pop-country crowd.

TJ and John Osborne summon the Black Keys during this ripe, riffing, radio release. "It Ain't My Fault" isn't a song that panders to the mainstream. The two are country outlaws sonically and lyrically with a soulful song that happily stands on the edges of the room.

One's personal tastes may interpret Brothers Osborne's brand of raging country-rock as intimidating but at their best this CMA Award winning duo push the boundaries of country music before they worry about radio success. They've been rewarded for doing just that (a No. 1 hit with "Stay a Little Longer," vocal duo of the year win at the 2016 CMAs), so releasing "It Ain't My Fault" isn't so much a stylistic stop-gap to get to a new album as it is them expanding their niche.

Did You Know?: A recent Brothers Osborne show was threatened when the venue's ceiling collapsed. Instead of canceling, they played from the roof of their tour bus.

Listen to Brothers Osborne, "It Ain't My Fault"

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Brothers Osborne, "It Ain't My Fault" Lyrics:

Blame the whiskey on the beer / Blame the beer on the whiskey / Blame the morning on the night / For whose lyin’ here with me /  Blame the bar for the band / Blame the band for the song / Blame the song for the party / That went all night long.

But it ain't my fault / No, it ain't my fault / Might of had a little of fun / Lot of wrong got done / But it ain't my fault.

Blame the heart for the hurtin’ / Blame the hurtin’ on the heart / Blame the dark on the devil / Blame the devil on the dark / Blame the ex for the drinkin’ / Blame the drinkin’ for the ex / Blame the two-for-one Tequilas / For whatever happens next.

I got my hands up / I need an alibi / Find me a witness / Who can testify / You made a mistake / You got the wrong guy / I'm only guilty of a damn good time / No, it ain't my fault.

Blame my raisin’ on my name / Blame my name on my raisin’ / Blame my lack of knowin’ better / On public education / Blame smoke on a fire / Blame fire on the smoke / Blame the fight on a bouncer / That couldn’t take a joke / But it ain't my fault.

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