The next chapter of Brothers Osborne's career sounds very Eric Church-y, and that's not a bad thing. Nor is it unexpected to discover that "Shoot Me Straight" is one Chief might have chosen.

Both Church and Bros vocalist T.J. Osborne offer a muscular, yet dynamic style able to tie metaphor to raw guitars and a naked rhythm section. There's nothing profound about the lyrical content if read aloud — "Shoot Me Straight" finds Osborne asking a girl to drop him fast and hard, but there's something relatable in the "how."

Like their biggest hits to date ("Stay a Little Longer," "It Ain't My Fault") this lead single from Brothers Osborne's second studio album relies on rising tension created by producer Jay Joyce and John Osborne's guitar work. He's a Thoroughbred trapped in the starting gate throughout most of the three-and-a-half minute long radio edit, only finding his full stride in the nearly seven-minute album version.

And you should hear that one.

Like the album version of "Stay a Little Longer," this extended track portends what promises to be a rock and blues-based country album filled with guitars and surprises. Brothers Osborne's "Shoot Me Straight" should be an easy addition to their live set, if not to radio playlists.

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Brothers Osborne's "Shoot Me Straight" Lyrics:

Don’t give me that look, that let me down easy smile / Don’t act like I couldn’t see you coming for a hundred miles / Don’t try to find the perfect words / Can’t take the pain off the hurt / Hit me hard, baby I can take it / It’s your move go on and make it.

Make it burn the whole way down / Lay my 6 foot 4 inch ass out on the ground / Yeah, tomorrow I’ll have me a hard hangover / And one hell of a heartache / So pour it on like a shot of whiskey / And shoot me straight.

I’ve got some friends who’d love to go raise some hell / A couple old flames to help me bid you farewell / There’s plenty of time and alcohol / From happy hour to last call / So, do whatcha gotta do / So, I can get to getting over you.

Don’t give me that salt shaker and lime / Don’t give me that come back chaser this time / Don’t muddle it up, don’t water it down / Give me everything you got right here, right now / Make it burn.

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