Brothers Osborne courted controversy in the video for their latest single, "Stay a Little Longer," but they're not worried about it.

The music video pushes the envelope — at least in country music — showing same-sex couples kissing, as well as interracial couples and couples with a large difference in age. The theme of the video is how all couples go through difficult patches, and then come back together in the end, and while the brothers simply wanted to portray a slice of real life, it could have had serious career consequences.

"Surprisingly, we didn't have any push back. Probably one out of 90 people didn't approve of it. We expected a lot more," John Osborne tells Taste of Country. "We had a statement we wanted to make. It wasn't love everybody. It was, 'Oh, by the way, if you don't agree with what they're doing, love is hard for them, too. It's hard for everybody.'"

The song is a fan favorite in their live show, and TJ Osborne says he loves watching his brother John perform the song in concert just as much as their fans like seeing it.

"We wrote it so it was memorable," John tells Taste of Country. "When you listen to 'Free Bird' or 'Hotel California' there are those moments that are pretty catchy that I want to keep in there, but there are moments where I go a little bit acid jazz. I go rogue."

TJ says it is his brother going rogue that he loves most about the song.

"I think that's why I have such a good time watching him play, because every night it is different," he explains. "It's important that a live show is like that, for everyone to get something fresh. Only that one time it happened, and you were there for that. We love concerts like that, where you see someone step out and do something they've never done before."

The Brothers Osborne's debut album, Pawn Shop, will be released on Jan. 15.

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