Caroline Jones has announced the upcoming release of a new EP, Chasin' Me, and she's re-recorded a fan favorite called "Tough Guys" and filmed a new video that she's letting fans see in advance of the project.

Chasin' Me is set for release on Oct. 11, and Jones tells Taste of Country that re-visiting "Tough Guys" was an easy decision for the new EP. She's been closing her shows with the song over the last several years of touring and opening shows for acts including Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, the Eagles and most recently, Zac Brown Band.

"It's kind of our most high-energy, most fun, most upbeat, empowering song, and our audience really seems to get into it and feel the same way about it that we do," she states. The video showcases footage from her high-energy live shows, interspersed with some fun offstage moments.

The song is a stirring female empowerment anthem.

"Tough guys wantin’ this girl to play nice / I don’t mean to play rough, guys / I’m just trusting my gut, guys / I think I threaten these tough guys / ‘Cause I’m in love with my own life / And I’ve heard enough lies / If it makes you cry / If it makes you cry, / Well that’s just tough, guys," Jones sings in the chorus.

She chose the song to perform during her debut on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night (Aug. 15), and it's one of the standouts on Chasin' Me, which is Jones' first collection since Bare Feet in 2017. Fans have already heard two tracks from the EP in the title song and “Gulf Coast Girl,” a collaboration with Buffett, Chesney, Lukas Nelson and Mac McAnally, who are billed as the Pelicanaires.

Jones usually writes all of her own songs unassisted, but Buffett and McAnally co-wrote "Gulf Coast Girl," marking the first time Jones has recorded a song she did not write. She also teamed with Zac Brown to co-write one of the other tracks on the EP, "All of the Boys."

"He has a great ear," Jones says of Brown. "And he's stylistically and musically fearless. He's not tied to any genre, any preconceptions, any box. And that's really beautiful. He's just following what moves him and what inspires him, so it's very freeing."

Chasin' Me is currently available for pre-order. For more information about Caroline Jones, visit her official website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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