After six seasons, Nashville will take a final bow with its series finale on July 26. The CMT series has two weeks to wrap up several storylines, but lead actor Charles Esten hints that his character, Deacon Claybourne, won't get his happy ending.

"There’s an episode where Rayna tells Deacon that she just wants him to be happy, and Deacon says, 'Me and happy don’t get along too good,'" Esten tells the Boot. "That was always a hallmark of Deacon. Even in good times, there would be this dark streak."

Like with any series finale, Esten admits not everyone will be a fan of the show's ending.

"It will satisfy some and not satisfy others. That’s the nature of it," he says. "A lot of the trajectories are already set. It’s like an arrow that, once it’s shot, you know how it moves. My guess is that it won’t be anything shocking or completely against somebody’s character."

When Esten chatted with the Boot, he hadn't filmed the finale, but he was sure he didn't want his character to be killed off in the final scene.

"As far as I know, Deacon will live through the final episode. He won’t be going onto the afterlife," he shares. "That’s a short way of saying that he’ll still have his problems. He’ll still have his struggles, the day-to-day things that crop up for him. That’s how I would imagine it."

He adds, "He’ll face the sun, but I think he’s just gotten a little more wise every time. Maybe I’m reacting against the word 'happy' because it’s just not who Deacon is."

Nashville launched on ABC in October 2012. That network dropped the show in 2016, and CMT picked up the series. The drama follows the lives of fictional country stars in Nashville, Tenn. Nashville's final episode will air on CMT on July 26 at 9PM.

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