It seems unlikely that Charles Kelley's new side project will offer a single to radio. The funky, flamboyant alter ego of the Lady Antebellum singer will play a set at 3rd in Lindsley in Nashville on Aug. 13, but one struggles to imagine a deejay announcing the group's name on air after a Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift song.

According to Live Nation and the bar's website, Dick Fantastic and the Fabulous Four Skins will play with country duo Striking Matches. A YouTube video promoting the show has since been removed, but it featured Charles dressed as the frontman (pictured), offering telling details about his personality.

"It's the best live band I’ve ever seen in my life," Kelley says, according to ABC News radio. "Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen have nothing on Richard, or Dick as his friends, like me, refer to him.”

He adds humorously, “I mean, the guy has serious swagger … an unbelievable look and stage moves that make women melt."

There is some indication that Dave Haywood may be involved, as well. "He’s a Stage 5 panty-dropper,” Haywood reveals, according to WXMM-FM. “One of the original founding Four Skin members and keyboardist Pelvis Presley is my biggest inspiration as a piano player, he is the reason I play music.”

As for Lady Antebellum's future, they're on hiatus until Nov. 8, when they kick off a tour in Southaven. Hillary Scott welcomed her baby last month.

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