“Everybody We Know Does” has the potential to be a career song for Chase Rice. The country-rocker is an anthem that steps away from the risqué business he’s relied on to build a ultra-dedicated fanbase. But he doesn’t alienate that group with this more mainstream lifestyle song.

A half-dozen superstars would love to have “Everybody We Knows Does” on their album, but the lyrics feel perfectly genuine coming from Rice. The many layers of Rice’s personality and upbringing are still an unknown to the casual fan — here he identifies with the blue-collar, beers-on-a-weekend country crowd so often represented on the radio.

In a statement, the 29-year-old says he cut the Jeremy Bussey co-written song after some reflective time at his farm outside Nashville. Perhaps more than any single Rice has released to date, “Everybody We Know Does” was recorded with the fans in mind. It’s all too easy to imagine this massive sing-along charging full steam to the top of the country charts.

Did You Know?: Co-writer Travis Denning also has two songs on Justin Moore's upcoming album Kinda Don't Care.

Listen to Chase Rice, “Everybody We Know Does”

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Chase Rice's “Everybody We Know Does” Lyrics:

“Everybody we know does.”

“Not everybody throws their empties in a truck bed / Pours sweat off 40 hours for a paycheck / Take it to the bank at five / Save a nickel spend a dime, on living it up / Not everybody knows an outskirt sky glow / Yell turn it up, singing every word of ‘Friends in Low’ / Not everybody likes a Friday night covered in dust / But everybody we know does.”

“That’s what we do, that’s what we love / That’s how we were raised, how we grew up / Runs deep in our veins, way down in our blood / Everybody we know does / Put your boots to the ground, ’till the sun goes down / Kill a couple longnecks ‘till it come back around / Nah it ain’t a big deal around here for us / Everybody we know does.”

“Not everybody understands how we make it / Hold it together when we feel like breaking / Not everybody knows what we’re made of / But everybody we know does.”

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