Yes, George Strait does have a good handshake. That's one takeaway from Chris Janson's most amazing ACM Awards moment. The other takeaway is equally great, if a little awkward.

Like all of us, country stars can be awkward if forced to make a polite small talk, and the "Good Vibes" singer found himself stuck in the middle of one of those conversations a few years ago. After performing (and finding out that Strait actually knew who he was), Janson posed for photos with a group of artists at the ACM Honors.

"I sat between he and Alan Jackson and it was the most funny conversation. You know Alan Jackson doesn't say — he's always so quiet," Janson reflects. "So I'm like sitting here next to George and he's like, 'Hey Alan ... still got your boat?'"

Janson's version of the story (seen above) is much better than anything you could read, so watch that for the full LOL.

Janson is one of many artists Taste of Country spoke to in advance of Taste of Country's 2019 ACM Awards Live Tailgate party, which begins at 7PM ET on YouTube on Sunday (April 7). Red carpet analysis, historical Top 5 ACM moments, interviews and predictions will all get you ready for the 2019 ACMs, which start at 8PM ET on CBS

It's possible he'll have a better memory after the 2019 ACM Awards. His song "Drunk Girl" is nominated in the Video of the Year category.

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