While Chris Young's "I'm Comin' Over" video starts out innocent enough, steam rises quickly. Long story short, the singer finds the (scantily clad) girl of his dreams and they get intimate in front of a gorgeous city view.

"I'm Comin' Over" is the first listen at what Young's forthcoming album will sound like ... and it's hot. The song is about loving someone even when you know it may not be the best thing, and the video emulates those feelings.

The girl in question is a barista who Young just can't get off his mind. She's not your average barista, as seen when she dons sexy lingerie and poses for a few selfies — possibly to send to the man on her mind. When she's not making lattes, she's sitting in a room which overlooks the city and practicing her sexy smile.

So I’m comin’ over / Runnin’ every red light / To hell with the closure / Save it for another time / Try not to think about you, but it ain’t workin’ / Why put out a fire when it’s still burnin’? / Just when I think movin’ on is getting closer / I’m comin’ over,” Young sings as the blond hands him a coffee with her phone number on it.

Eventually, the pair find themselves together, getting cozy in the front seat of a car, making out in an elevator and hooking up on a bed that has that same great city view. Well, if you notice that sort of thing.

Check out Chris Young's Sexy "I'm Comin' Over" video above.

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