In 2006, Chris Young was just another contestant on 'Nashville Star.' Later that year, he was just the kid releasing a debut album in hopes that people would pick it up and give it a spin. In 2009, he was the guy dropping his second studio album with RCA Records, and after that, he became the country star who has been watching his songs claim the No.1 spot on the Billboard charts -- over and over again.

Now, Young is riding a wave of not one, but five No.1 hits in a row. With 'Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song),' 'The Man I Want to Be,' 'Voices,' 'Tomorrow' and 'You,' it seems that the young Nashville talent couldn't miss the top of the chart if he tried. At a recent Chicago, Ill. show, the generally humble Young stepped out of his traditional role for a minute to come clean about what it feels like to encounter that kind of success.

"To put this in perspective, Kenny Chesney has never had five consecutive No. 1's," he said of one of the most esteemed country acts of late, according to CMT. Before that show, he spoke even more candidly about his recent success, seemingly still trying to grasp onto it himself. "Right now, Blake Shelton and I are the only solo artists with an active streak of No. 1's," he said.

"There's always good stuff at the top of charts. And we've always had our songs peak when there are these other massive songs. So I get excited and proud that my stuff is breaking through that. It's a good feeling when you know people are not only hearing it but actually want to go out and buy it."

UPDATE: CMT has since pulled their original story. Taste of Country is currently looking into the matter.