Chris Young has found his groove with hits like 'Gettin' You Home' and 'The Man I Want to Be.' The now hatless country singer certainly has a voice big and deep enough to make seduction look easy and, as he does more and more appearances like his turn on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Wednesday night, women are finding out he's not too tough to look at either. His new song 'You' doesn't try to fix what isn't broken.

The mid-tempo fire stoker is more sensual than sexy. Young doesn't take much time to get to the chorus, which is the most memorable part of the song. "No one gets me like / You when you kiss me / Girl you rock me harder than some downtown band / I thought I knew what love was / But I didn't have a clue / I never found anything that makes me feel like I do about you."

By not taking this song straight to the bedroom, Young creates a hit that's likely to move up airplay charts as fast as any in his career. Lyrically it's not as imaginative as some of his latest hits, but the easy beat and singable chorus allow this song to get better and better after each listen. The second verse goes, "Got a whole new direction, it seems these days / I used to rush off to work and get home late / But now I show up late and rush back home / My priorities are different, I can't leave you alone."

The 26-year-old is just entering his prime and likely has plenty of this style of song left in him before the formula begins to feel tired. Almost lost in the story is Young's voice, which is as sturdy as ever. Towards the end he shows off his range by toying with the word 'You' like a cat batting at a ball of yarn. 'You' is from Young's just-released album 'Neon.'

Listen to Chris Young, 'You'