Clay Walker became a father for the fifth time when his son Elijah was born over the summer. But instead of feeling exhausted and haggard, the country singer says his kids keep him feeling energetic and younger than ever. 

Walker opened up to Country Weekly about his new baby and life as a family man and an entertainer. The star was more than excited to rave about his newest bundle of joy, saying that the baby “just loves life already."

"I can see that Elijah has this happy persona about him. He laughs out loud and smiles constantly," Walker adds.

The country star and his wife Jessica have three kids together, and Walker also has two older children from a previous marriage. But why in the world does he, at 44, look so incredibly youthful? “Kids help keep you young and energetic,” he reveals. We have to admit that kids certainly agree with Walker, who looks better than ever these days.

Although he has three little ones at home and a job that requires nights away on tour, Walker is lucky, as his wife more than handles life as a 'single parent' when he's gone. “It’s great having a spouse that has the same values as you,” Walker dishes. “She handles everything well when I’m not home."

And, for anyone who thinks having kids makes life a little less enjoyable, maybe they could get a few pointers from Walker, who raves, "Even though I’m just as busy as ever, I just think this is the greatest time of my life. I feel like I’m on top of the world.”