If you want to teleport to summer, no matter what climate you may find yourself in currently, all you need to do is watch Cole Swindell's 'Chillin' It' video, which celebrates a summer romance ... at least on the surface.

Swindell and a pretty, honey brunette with a gorgeous set of baby blues hit the road in an open-top jeep, cruising the backroads, stealing kisses and enjoying a sun-splashed afternoon by the water. It doesn't hurt that he serenades his woman and even teaches her to play guitar. Could things be any more perfect between these two?

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of enjoying a whirlwind, passionate summer romance will appreciate the narrative in Swindell's easy, breezy video.

There's a bit of a twist with the ending -- and the beginning. But we're not going to spoil it for you. You're going to have to watch and see if some sort of missed connection is at play here. Decide for yourself what you think is going on!